19 November 2010

gSOAP on OpenVMS V0.9 Released

BC&JA are happy to announce that V09 of gSOAP on OpenVMS is now available for download.
You may wish to peruse the release notes prior to requesting a kit by sending an email to brett.r.cameron(AT)gmail.com and johndapps(AT)gmail.com stating platform and OpenVMS version.

If you are an ACMS user, you might want to glance through the gSOAP FIDDLE User Guide, an utility which translates STDL into WSDL, thus automating the process of exposing ACMS Tasks as Web Services.

We are always happy to hear from people using the software and do try to listen to what you all have to say and recommend!

NOTE: please ensure that any DCL symbols for compilers and linkers are deleted prior to building gSOAP applications!

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john d apps said...

Watch those DCL symbols which you have defined for compiles, linker and so on! They can lead to unexpected results...


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