24 May 2009

gSOAP Kit Announcements

BC&JA are truly ecstatic to announce that
Version 06 for gSOAP on OpenVMS is available!

Version 06 includes updated documentation and a completely rewritten user guide for (Fast Interface Dynamic Definition Language for lusty Enterprises) FIDDLE, a tool for developing gSOAP interfaces for HP ACMS applications.

Version 06 includes support for FastCGI and multi-national character sets such as Hebrew. The release notes have been updated to include documentation on using gSOAP with Apache FastCGI and with WASD. We have created a new Web page for FastCGI on OpenVMS and encourage you to take a look.

There will be an update to this note shortly where we hope to announce a few Web Services which you may call from Xignite.

Please send a brief note requesting a kit to:
  • brett.r.cameron@gmail.com and
  • johndapps@gmail.com
Please specify in your mail:

  • OpenVMS version (can be 7.3.-2 on Alpha)
  • Hardware platform (Alpha or Integrity)

You may review the installation guide and release notes prior to requesting a kit. C++ is not required.

Please do leave a comment, it can be anonymous if you prefer, when you download a kit!
We very much wish to keep track of who is using the software.

  • So that we can influence management to turn the gSOAP on OpenVMS software into a supported Open Source product, for instance
  • So that we can write SPAM mails to you :-)
  • So that we can see how much interest there really is
  • ...
Regards, BC&JA

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