18 January 2010

gSOAP on OpenVMS Kit Announcements

BC&JA are proud to formally announce that Version 06 for gSOAP on OpenVMS is available!

Version 06 includes updated documentation and a completely rewritten user guide for (Fast Interface Dynamic Definition Language for lusty Enterprises) FIDDLE, a tool for developing gSOAP interfaces for HP ACMS.

Version 06 includes support for FastCGI and multi-national character sets such as Hebrew. The release have been updated to include documentation on using gSOAP with Apache FastCGI and with WASD. We have created a new Web page for FastCGI on OpenVMS and encourage you to take a look.

Please see the first comment to this entry for details on additional Web Services you might wish to try. We hope to provide examples of these with the next kit release. Meanwhile, if you manage to implement one or two, we would be very happy to include them in the kit!

Please send a brief note requesting a kit to:

  • brett.r.cameron@gmail.com and
  • johndapps@gmail.com

Please specify in your mail:
  • OpenVMS version (can be 7.3.-2 on Alpha)
  • Hardware platform (Alpha or Integrity)
You may review the installation guide and release notes prior to requesting a kit. C++ is not required unless you wish to develop code using that language, of course. If you using ACMS, you might also wish to peruse the FIDDLE
Please do leave a comment, it can be anonymous if you prefer, when you download a kit!
We very much wish to keep track of who is using the software. Why? 
  • So that we can influence management to turn the gSOAP on OpenVMS software into a supported Open Source product, for instance
  • So that we can write SPAM mails to you :-)
  • So that we can see how much interest there really is...
Regards, BC&JA


John Apps said...

A couple of Web Services you might try on your own:

Everyone's favourite, the weather: http://www.webservicex.net/WeatherForecast.asmx?WSDL

In a world dominated by commerce, currencies are important: http://www.xignite.com/xCurrencies.asmx?WSDL

How about converting USD to EUR, or some other combination: http://www.xignite.com/xCurrencies.asmx/GetRealTimeCrossRate?From=USD&To=EUR

Let us know if you would like to try these out! Xignite has given us access to these and a few other, related, services.

John Apps said...

Another method for deploying persistent (low latency, low overhead) gSOAP applications via Web servers is Apache mod_gsoap. There is now a WASD Run-Time Environment (RTE) for similarly managing persistent SOAP applications under WASD. An application is built as a shared image using the Apache mod_gsoap infrastructure provided with the VMS gSOAP kit and then deployed directly under WASD using the gSOAPrte RTE (i.e. such images can be executed using either VMS Apache or WASD).

Test-bench performance is again more than competitive with mod_gsoap.
For 1,000 back-to-back requests of the WASD example SOAP application

Apache mod_gsoap 22.87 22.8 44
WASD gSOAPrte 5.12 5.1 195
WASD CGIplus 5.78 5.8 173
WASD CGI 46.72 46.7 21

Reliability? Of course in the field who knows but on the test-bench one million requests (500k of the example application CALC.C and 500k of the WASD example ECHO.C) have been made against a single gSOAPrte process without failure or virtual memory / working set increase.

You can browse the content at

The gSOAPrte kit is available from the WASD download page at http://wasd.vsm.com.au/wasd/

Note that this is an initial release and I'd be particularly interested in any feedback. The CGIplus_gSOAP kit has been withdrawn and the corresponding code module included with the SOAPrte kit.

(Thank you, Mark!)

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