26 May 2010

gSOAP on OpenVMS V0.7 Released

BC&JA have released version 0.7 of gSOAP on OpenVMS for Alpha and Integrity.  The release notes and installation guide contain notes on changes specific to the OpenVMS version.
This releases encompasses all changes and additions made to the gSOAP Version 2.7.9 and its revisions. See the following list and http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~engelen/soap.html for further information.
  • Version 2.7.9 revisions a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h/i/j/k/l (10/24/2006-09/26/2007)
    • Added wsdl2h option -j to omit the generation of SOAP Header and Faults for customization of these.
    • Added wsdl2h option -q to generate C++ namespace qualified header files.
    • Added file input and output specifications (with < and >) to wsdl2h's typemap.dat to specify input and output for wsdl2h.
    • Added WS-Addressing 2005/03 support.
    • Added function soap_free() = soap_done() + free() and renamed previous soap_free() to soap_temp_free().
    • Added wsdl2h option -_ to translate _USCORE.
    • Added xsd:anyAttribute (using DOM parser) with wsdl2h option -d.
    • Added multi-WSDL types section schema component merging.
    • Added TCP keep-alive settings.
    • Added QName list normalization.
    • Changed soapcpp2 default rule for generating attribute form qualified to unqualified.
    • Improved wsdl2h SOAP Fault coding.
    • Improved performance and stability.
    • Improved portability.
    • Improved wsdl2h empty namespace handling ("" namespace).
    • Improved wsdl2h and schema conversion to C and C++.
    • Improved SSL timeouts and error handling.
    • Improved soapcpp2 option -i (generate proxy and service classes).
    • Improved class instance initialization.
    • Improved use of IPv6.
    • Improved proxy and server code output for soapcpp2 option -i.
    • Improved soapcpp2 code output with additional exception checks.
    • Fixed MIME/MTOM start id handling (SOAP message no longer required to be first attachment).
    • Fixed WS-Security wsse plugin canonicalization format issue.
    • Fixed ZIP content remainder parsing (CRC check).
    • Fixed WSA API handling of messages with MIME/DIME attachments.
    • Fixed wsdl2h relative path includes.
    • Fixed _XML literal string parsing of root attributes. 
    Please do let us know whether you would like a kit and state if for Alpha or Integrity. This release is only available for OpenVMS 8.3 and higher. If you require a kit or need a release for OpenVMS 7.3-2, then please drop us an email at brett.r.cameron (AT) gmail.com and johndapps (AT) gmail.com.

  • Regards, BC&JA

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