31 October 2007

Old gSOAP kit announcement.

This entry has been replaced by the gSOAP Kit Announcements. The entry has been retained due to the valuable comments entered against it.

Regards, BC&JA


calliet gérard said...

I want to get a i64 gSoap distrib.

I'm a consultant in vms world, in france, and I think such tools are very usefull.

Can you send me some informations to get the kit ?

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info earlier today at 7 AM! Consider this an official request for the Alpha version of gSOAP. My email address is jeff dot allen at questdiagnostics dot com.


Jeff Allen

Anonymous said...

I want to get a alpha gSoap distrib.

I'm a consultant in vms world, in china, and I think such tools are very usefull.

Can you send me some informations to get the kit ?

thank you

John Apps said...

Mail on its way with location of the kits.

Rich Jordan said...

Downloaded both kits; I don't know what the bosses will want to try but we'll see what happens. Thanks!

John Apps said...

We have posted a new version of the Integrity Server kit due to the omission of an object library in the current kit.
There is also an updated version of the gSOAP Kit Notes reflecting the minor changes in the latest Integrity Server kit.

LC said...

Is your gSOAP kit the same with the one included HP ACMS integration kit?

I am doing the research for a legacy system on OpenVMS written in DEC-C, and am exploring the way to make some C procedure as SOAP-based web service. Hope gSoap kit can help. Thank you.

Brett said...

Hi LC!

Yes, the gSOAP kit is the same as that referred to in the ACMS Integration Kit brochure.

If you have an old DEC-C application, then I would say that gSOAP could be an ideal way to incorporate Web services. Other customers are using it without significant difficulty with their "legcy" COBOL and FORTRAN applications, but as gSOAP is essentially C-based, your job should be even simpler!

Dan said...

Doing some testing with this to access Web services from VMS basic program. I am currently running on VMS 8.2. I see 8.3 is required on paper, is that true?

Brett said...

Hi Dan,

I assume you are using OpenVMS 8.2 on Itanium as opposed to Alpha? You should be okay with the kit that's there, but if you have any problems let us know and we'll get onto it!

John Apps said...

good to hear you are giving the kit a spin! Do let us hear how things go and if we can assist at all.
VMS 8.2 is sort of 'old', no? Are you stuck on it for a particular reason, or is that really none of my business?

Cheers, John

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