30 October 2007

Suggestions for gSOAP on OpenVMS

Please enter comments containing your suggestions and ideas around gSOAP on OpenVMS.

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Martin Vorlaender said...


I'm using the GSOAP-VMS-AXP-VMS73-2-02 kit, though my comments probably apply cross-architecture, cross-version. A few nitpicks with regard to the math sample:

- There are no prototypes (except in the documentation) for the GSOAP$ routines.

- The file name math.h is unfortunate. When I wrote prototypes for the GSOAP$ routines, I put them in a file named [samples.math]soapdefs.h (which is included by default, if WITH_SOAPDEFS_H is defined). When I added [] to the C flags, guess what happened when something included <math.h>...

- As there is no client, the soapcpp2 call in build.com could use the "-S" option to only generate server-side files.

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