30 October 2007

Questions about gSOAP on OpenVMS software

Please resond to this entry with questions about the gSOAP on OpenVMS software.


Anonymous said...

Right, trying a tech Q... :-)

I've just got it running on my Alpha and all seems OK.

One thigh though...
How do I get the "header" to be sent with the SOAP request ?
I can see that the gSOAP compiler created some header info i thh files but I'm not sure how to make it beeing sent together with the "body" of the SOAP request.


Anonymous said...

Replying to myself...
Found it (the header struct).
Now a few ACCVIO's to sort out instead...
BR, Jan-Erik.

Anonymous said...

OK, the ACCVIO's are fixed.
Now the call's gets through to the server but the reply says :

SOAP 1.1 fault: SOAP-ENV:MustUnderstand [no subcode]
"SOAP header AuthenticationHeader was not understood."
Detail: [no detail]

Might be something with the "ns1:" things...

Martin Vorlaender said...

As we are stuck on OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 for now:

Would it be possible to get a kit for that version (or alternatively, the sources to build it myself)?

Best regards,

John Apps said...


please send me an email and i will reply with a locationn for the kit for Alpha and VMS 7.3-2.

Cheers, John

Murray Wand said...

We are OpenVMS users with a COBOL application about to upgrade to Integrity servers. We are very interested in hooking our COBOL app into web services and have been testing the gSOAP port. Our dilemma is about support (and I note that there has been some discussion about support in the blog). Also, I'd be interested if anybody else has done similar integration with COBOL apps with gSOAP / OpenVMS and how they implemented it.

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